ioCrops Soil

ioCrops Soil

Some plants are grown in slabs but some are grown in ordinary soil in the ground. Since the importance of irrigation control applies to all plants, it is also important to measure the water content of the soil in those plants.

Probe type Water Content Meter

(FDR, Frequency Domain Reflectometry type)
for soil grown plants

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You can also check :

Amount of drain / supply / plant uptake

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Wi-Fi Connection

​- 220V AC Power supply required near the installation site
- Sign in to your account and use right away after network and power supplied

Easy connection if APs are available nearby
Option : Wireless AP with directional antenna - covers range up to 300m

VWC [%]

Volumetric Water Content

Soil Temperature

EC [dS/m]

Electrical Conductivity of soil

Model B

[METER Group, Inc (USA)]

Measuring Range


- Mineral soil calibration: 0.00–0.70 m3/m3

- Soilless media calibration: 0.0–1.0 m3/m3

- Apparent dielectric permittivity (εa): 1 (air) to 80 (water)


- Resolution 0.001 m3/m3

- Generic calibration: ±0.03 m3/m3 (±3.00% VWC) typical in mineral soils that have solution EC <8 dS/m

- Medium specific calibration: ±0.01–0.02 m3/m3 (±1–2% VWC) in any porous medium

- Apparent dielectric permittivity (εa): 1–40 (soil range) , ±1 εa (unitless) 40–80, 15% of measurement

Range : 0 to 20 dS/m (bulk)

Resolution : 0.001 dS/m

Accuracy : +/- (5% +0.01 dS/m) from 0 to 10 dS/m +/- 8% from 10 to 20 dS/m

Bulk EC


Cable Length


Dimension : Node box

150 x 200 x 100 mm

Input Voltage




Range : −40 to 60 °C

Resolution : 0.1 °C

Accuracy : ±0.5 °C from −40 to 0 °C ±0.3 °C from 0 to +60 °C

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