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ioCrops Cloud provides a secure data storage in the cloud and a powerful data visualization tool


Manage your data from different sources in one platform”

Decision making in cultivation is an important process since it directly affects the production, quality and costs. Data-driven decisions can optimize your results in a strategic way which performs better than relying on empirical decisions. The value of climate and growth data has grown significantly as the AI technology matures and we expect AI controlled greenhouses to be realized in the near future.
Collects raw data
from different sources
ioCrops Weight : Slab Weight Measurement
ioCrops Soil : Soil Water Content Meter
Climate Computers (Compatible)
3rd Party Sensors (Compatible)
Always connect to your data on Web [Chrome] / Mobile App
Powerful web-based data visualization and analysis tool

Data Compatibility with 3rd Party Systems

​ioCrops provides RESTful API to connect 3rd party systems such as climate computers or any other sensor devices. All data types such as time series data (read from sensors) or even image data can be easily integrated into ioCrops Cloud platform.

Chrome is recommended

Chart View

Powerful visualization tool

Dashboard View

Real-time data at a glance

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