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Start Your Labor Management

Digitization Today

Workforce Management, Performance Monitoring, Activity Tracking, Employee Productivity

Monitor overall farming progress,
individual employee performance, and gain insights
into pest and facility issues in real-time.

Effortlessly integrate these insights into your workforce scheduling to enhance greenhouse productivity.

Data-Driven Labor Management Solution, Ation


Greenhouses will transform starting today with Ation,
a data-driven labor management solution that can be easily and quickly implemented.

Ation Introduction

No additional equipment is required.
Ation records and analyzes all data using only a QR code and smartphone.
The real-time progress of work in the greenhouse is displayed through the app and web platforms,
accessible remotely anytime, anywhere.

Everything managers need to see and know about greenhouses is within Ation.


Discover who is currently performing each task, identify top performers,
and track progress towards today's yield target—all this and more.
But this is just the beginning.

Ation's user interface and experience are crafted with growers in mind.
We analyze all agricultural activity data and present it in an easily understandable format.


Enhance the efficiency of managers and employees with Ation, leading to increased greenhouse productivity.

Ation_QR 스캔
아이오크롭스_현장 직원
Ation_Yield Management.png

Managers can now focus on core tasks such as planning agricultural activities and strategizing farm operations.

This facilitates clearer instructions, easy result verification, and prompt feedback.


These improvements boost productivity across the greenhouse. Furthermore, by evaluating employees using

objective data, employee motivation is increased.

The impact of Ation results in optimized agricultural operations, reduced costs, enhanced yields, and improved quality.


for Greenhouses

A Practical System



Workforce Scheduling


takes little time






User Manual

Achieve Optimal Labor

Easy-to-Navigate Interface

Easy, Practical, and Insightful

Data-Driven Labor Management

Track various tasks performed by each employee, including cleaning, deleafing, harvesting, and sorting. Monitor real-time productivity and identify top performers for each task.


Gain instant insights into overall farm operations.

Utilize Ation's insights to enhance work plans and develop

data-driven operational strategies.

Ation_Employee Management Attendance
Ation_Real time Monitoring Map

Practical Solutions for Greenhouses

Ation streamlines employee efficiency and managerial tasks by simplifying routine management duties such as attendance checks and location tracking.

With Ation, you can focus on strategic planning and activities to maximize managerial productivity.

Ation_ Issue Report/Management
Ation_Issue Report/Management

Stop Overpaying, Increase Profits

Monitor key performance indicators in real-time, such as work speed and yield per employee, work progress, and total harvest for the day. Quickly identify and address pest or facility issues.

Access Ation via PC or mobile every day of the year.


Ready to turn farm data into revenue?

Implement Ation for simple and effective solutions.



※ This software currently supports English and Korean.

Ation, a data-driven labor management solution,

is constantly evolving through user experience analysis.

Take full advantage of the features we've developed to optimize

your workforce's performance and enhance your farm’s productivity. Stay tuned for upcoming features and updates from Ation.




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+82 70-4466-9904


Starting Digitization Today, Ation

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