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ioCrops Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

We, Agricultural Corporation ioCrops Inc. (“we,” “us,” or “our”), will collect information related to individuals (“Personal Data”) in providing our products, apps, services and websites (collectively, the “Services”). 

We will act in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in countries and regions where we are conducting business (such laws and regulations are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Applicable Laws”), and will make efforts to properly protect Personal Data based on this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”).

This “Policy” explains what kind of Personal Data we will collect, and how we will use and provide such Personal Data, and how you can manage your own Personal Data.

2. Applicable scope of this Policy

This Policy applies to all Personal Data that we collect regardless of the country or region.

2.a. Target scope

This Policy applies to all Personal Data that we collect.

We may apply individual privacy policies or additional provisions to terms of use or this Policy (collectively, “Individual Policies”) to specific services. The Individual Policies explain what kind of Personal Data we will collect, and how we will use and provide such Personal Data, for such specific services, and the other policies that are applicable to such specific services. If there is any inconsistency between the subject matter of the Individual Policies and the subject matter of this Policy, the Individual Policies shall prevail.

In connection with the application of this Policy, we are the controller of the processing of Personal Data.

2.b. Applicable policies

We will process Personal Data to the extent permitted by the Applicable Laws according to this Policy.

While we may provide various translations of this Policy as a reference, to the extent permitted by Applicable Laws, the Korean version applies to users using our Services in Korea, and the English version applies to users using our Services in other countries or regions.

3. Personal Data to be collected

We will collect the Personal Data such as the following in lawful and fair manner.

ㆍPersonal Data provided by you

ㆍPersonal Data relating to the use of our Services

ㆍIn addition to the above, Personal Data lawfully collected by us, including cases of collecting information from third parties

If you do not provide certain types of information which need to be registered for using our Services, you may not be able to use all or a part of our Services.

We may collect and use information by leveraging technologies such as association learning and differential privacy in order to better protect your privacy.

The following are some examples of the Personal Data that we will collect.

3.a. Examples of Personal Data to be provided by you

We may ask you to provide us with your Personal Data by operating your device and entering information or via a document or other mediums.

 The foregoing Personal Data includes, for example:

ㆍPhone number and email address required when creating an account

ㆍInformation to be provided when submitting an application : Name, Affiliation/Organization, Email, Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Country/Region, Address, Cultivation Area, Number of Employees, Crops type, and Additional Directly Entered Message.

ㆍIdentity verification documents to be sent for identity verification

3.b. Examples of Personal Data related to your use of our Service

We will collect information related to your activities when using our Services and information related to your devices and how you are using those devices.

The foregoing Personal Data includes, for example:

ㆍStatus of use of our Services : We automatically collect information related to when and how you used our Services. The collected information includes the status of use of various Services and features such as the date and time that you used our individual Services, length of time that you used our individual Services, Services that were purchased, and contents that were viewed, tapped, or clicked.

ㆍLocation information : We may collect the location information of your device when we provide contents according to your location information or when you share your location information with your friends in our Services, or in order for us to provide optimized search results to you. When you do not accept sending your location information by your mobile device settings, location information will not be sent to us. Even when you do not accept sending your location information, we may estimate your approximate location by using information such as your IP address.

ㆍInformation related to apps, browsers and devices : We will collect information related to the device, browser and the app that you are using (Cookie ID and device type, OS, language/time zone setting, browser type, app version, etc.), and network information (telecommunications carrier’s name, IP address, etc.).

3.c. Examples of Personal Data collected from third parties

We may collect Personal Data from third parties including our Partners. The following are some examples of Personal Data collected from third parties.


ㆍPersonal Data collected from Partners : We may collect your Personal Data from our Partners. There are cases where we collect Personal Data from a Partner operating its own service, and from a Partner operating a service that is linked to our Services. In such instances, we receive the data from the affiliate company after they have obtained consent for providing personal information from the users, in accordance with the Information and Communications Network Act.

4. Purpose of use of Personal Data

We will use the collected Personal Data (including Personal Data collected from when you use our Services and all Personal Data collected from third parties) for the following purposes:

ㆍProvision and maintenance of our Services;

ㆍDevelopment and improvement of our Services;

ㆍSecurity and prevention of unauthorized use; and/or

ㆍProvision of Services optimized for you.

We use Personal Data to provide our Services to users, for utilization in research and development to provide safer and better services, and to provide services that are strongly linked to users.

When we are to collect Personal Data, we will notify or publicly announce the purpose of use to users to the extent required under Applicable Laws (including the notification and public announcement of the purpose of use based on this Policy).

We will not process the Personal Data we obtain beyond the scope of the purposes of use, except to the extent that consent has been obtained from you or as permitted by Applicable Laws. In addition, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that Personal Data is not used for any other purpose.

Notwithstanding the above, upon receiving Personal Data from a third party, if the purpose of use of such Personal Data is separately prescribed, we will use the Personal Data according to such provision to the extent permitted by Applicable Laws.

The purposes of use of Personal Data include, for example, the following.

4.a. Examples of Provision and maintenance of our Services

We will use information required for providing our Services, answering your inquiries, hosting promotional events, and sending announcements regarding our Services and those of our Partners.

For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the provision and maintenance of our Services.


ㆍTo verify your identity, through comparison with your registered information, when succeeding the account upon logging in or changing your device, when using certain Services which require identity verification, or when receiving inquiries from users;

ㆍTo send or post messages and contents, and convey the status of the sent or posted messages, etc.;

ㆍTo process invoices or settle payments when a user purchases a product or uses a paid service;

ㆍTo examine your status of use of our Services in order to reply to your inquiry to our customer support;

ㆍTo refer to the products that you purchased so we can offer you rewards;

ㆍTo deliver any prizes you may have won in a promotional event or the products that you have purchased to your designated address;

ㆍTo notify you of important changes to our Services such as the revision of terms, planned discontinuation of services, or change of features.

ㆍTo automatically display your information, which is required for purchasing products, on the input screen; and/or

ㆍTo generate appropriate sentences and images according to the contents that have been entered such as for purposes of supporting your use of our Services.

4.b. Examples of Development and improvement of our Services

We will use Personal Data for the development and improvement of our Services for providing better services, products and contents to users toward the future.

For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the development and improvement of our Services.

ㆍTo develop and improve our Services by surveying and analyzing your attribute information, number of users of our Services, and usage frequency, and quantity of each function which we and our Partners distribute;

ㆍTo improve our Services by creating statistics and models related to the use of our Services;

ㆍTo improve the screen design by understanding the frequency that each tab in the app is being used;

ㆍTo conduct surveys related to our services that we are currently providing, or may provide in the future;

4.c. Examples of Security and prevention of and measures against unauthorized use

We will use Personal Data and take security measures and measures against unauthorized use to maintain an environment where our Services can be used at all times, and users can use our Services with a sense of security on a daily basis.

For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the security and prevention of and measures against unauthorized use:


ㆍTo confirm whether there is any breach of terms of use, any illegal act, unauthorized access or any other unauthorized use;

ㆍTo develop tools to prevent unauthorized usage.

ㆍTo verify facts or contact you in the event of any unauthorized use or the possibility of any unauthorized use.

5. Provision of Personal Data

We do not provide personal information to third parties without the user's prior consent.

However, if the user explicitly consents to the sharing of personal information to utilize services offered by external affiliates, or if there is a legal obligation to provide personal information as per applicable laws and regulations, or if there is an imminent risk to the user's life or safety, personal information may be shared solely to address such issues.

To ensure smooth service delivery, trustees or other parties may be added as recipients of the company's personal information in the future.

6. Safety control of Personal Data

We develop basic policy to make effort to manage the collected Personal Data properly and take strict organizational, personal, physical and technical security measures. In order to continue to improve our protection of Personal Data, we will review and bolster our internal rules and regulations in accordance with changes in Applicable Laws and social norms.

Unless you request the deletion of your account, in principle, we will retain most of your information. Once we receive your request to delete your account, we will delete your information according to Applicable Laws and internal rules after retaining such information for a given period of time.

We are taking strict organizational, personal, physical and technical security measures in managing the collected Personal Data for respecting and protecting your privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Data, and preventing unauthorized access to your Personal Data. These measures include safety control measures based on industry standards for preventing unauthorized access to Personal Data, and disclosure, unauthorized use, falsification or destruction of Personal Data.

However, because no method of electronic transmission or method of data storage is perfect or impenetrable, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Data will be absolutely safe from intrusion during transmission or while stored in our systems.

To help protect your privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Data, we also need your help. Please do not share your password with others, or use the same passwords you use for other services. Also, please notify us in the event you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security via our Contact Form.

Please refer to the link below for details regarding the company's security measures, the location of personal information storage, the retention period of personal information, etc.

ㆍPersonal information collected through the website ( :

7. Use of third-party modules and Cookies

We may use tags and modules containing cookies and third-party software development kit (SDK) for fulfilling the purposes described in this Policy.

We use cookies in some parts of our website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. We use cookies to remember your settings and preferences. You can disable these cookies via your browser.

We use Google Analytics to keep track of how users use the Website. The information thus obtained, including the address of your computer (IP address), is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Read Google's privacy policy for more information, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics.

ㆍGoogle privacy policy :
ㆍGoogle analytics data privacy and security :

8. Changes to this Policy

We may modify this Policy from time to time, and the latest version of the privacy policy will always be posted on this site. When we make any material changes to this Policy, we will notify you on our Services, or by other reasonable means. We encourage you to review the contents of the latest version of the privacy policy carefully.

If you have any questions or inquiries about this Policy or have any questions, complaints, concerns or comments about the processing of Personal Data in our Services, please contact us via the Contact Form or by writing to:

Agricultural Corporation ioCrops Inc.

CEO JinHyng Cho

2F, 17, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06694) 

Contact form :

Email :

Person responsible for the handling of personal data: Chief Privacy Officer


If you do not agree to any of the changes and you no longer wish to use our Services, you may choose to close your Account. Continuing to use our Services after a notice of changes has been notified to you or published on our Services constitutes your acceptance of the changes and consent to the modified version of this Policy. We will seek your consent when required under Applicable Laws.


Agricultural Corporation ioCrops Inc.

CEO JinHyng Cho


Formulated on March 27, 2024

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